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Our attorneys are certified by the Florida Department of Financial Services  as licensed Continuing Education (CEU) instructors.  We also frequently speak in conjunction with the CEU Institute.  Our course offerings are designed to educate, enlighten, and hopefully entertain.  We believe in the same philosophy for CEU's and speaking engagements that we do for litigation- distilling matters down to the essential points and making them as clear, effective and understandable as possible so the message is not lost in the shuffle of legalese.  

No matter whether your team has a few areas you specifically want covered, or whether you want a more general overview designed to get your team the CEU credits they need, we work with you to tailor a program that will be highly effective in accomplishing your specific goals as they relate to legal education. Of course, for both prospective and current clients, we typically offer such services as a compliment to our legal representation services, free of charge.  Some representative past examples of seminars we have presented include:

Attorney fees

Mechanism of Injury


Ethics in Claims Management

Mechanism of Injury

Workers Compensation Defenses

Cost Containment Strategies

Misrepresentation- How and When to Use, but not Misuse this Powerful Tool

Negotiation Skills for Claims Professionals

Subrogation- Manfredo and Beyond

A Look at The interplay Between Unemployment Law and Workers Compensation

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